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Day One
Wednesday May 3rd, 2017

Day Two
Thursday May 4th, 2017

GDPR in Practice

DPO Think Tank


In this closed-door session, privacy professionals can speak candidly about challenges that
they are facing in carrying out the privacy programme. You’ll have the opportunity to ask
questions of your peers and have them share their experiences.
Invite Only

Chair’s Welcome Remarks and Start of Day 2

Keynote: View from the ICO

  • Jonathan Bamford Head of Strategic Liaison, Information Commissioner’s Office


ICO Head of Strategic Liaison, Jonathan Bamford, will discuss the Commissioner’s priorities for the
year ahead and share insight on what the ICO will be expecting post-GDPR implementation.

Beyond Compliance: Using Machine Learning to Get Ahead of Evolving Cyber-Threats


In this session, learn first-hand:

  • Using machine learning and AI algorithms to defend against advanced cyber-threats
  • How to pre-empt emerging threats and reduce incident response time
  • Achieving 100% network visibility with the 3D Threat Visualizer
  • Darktrace’s bespoke privacy and anonymisation mode
  • Why automation is critical in enabling security teams, including DPO’s, to prioritise resources and tangibly lower risk
  • Real-world case studies of subtle, unknown cyber-threats detected by ‘immune system’ technology

Establishing a Culture of Compliance: Getting Internal Buy-in for Your Privacy Programme


While the importance of having a strong data protection programme in place is widely accepted, getting the investment internally can be a struggle. Support for the programme and buy-in must come from the highest levels within an organisation in order for it to be consistent and compliant throughout.

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A Structured approach to GDPR Compliance

  • David Kemp EMEA Specialist Business Consultant, HP Enterprise Software


At first sight GDPR can be seen as very complicated as it introduces many detailed compliance requirements. By adopting a structured approach to the identification, securing, governing and disposition of personal data throughout its entire lifecycle, organizations can overcome the complexity of the challenge. HPE Software has built a methodology and structured approach based on its own framework, to help and guide its customers on their GDPR readiness journey. Discover more about GDPR compliance and building an effective strategy and steps for your GDPR compliance Journey.

Morning Networking Coffee Break

Preparing for the Inevitable: Ensuring You Are Ready to Handle a Breach When It Happens


The time to prepare for a breach is not after it happens and your company’s name is in the headlines. The time to prepare is now! Creating a data protection plan with the potential risk of a breach in mind is vital to ensure you are prepared.

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PIAs and Data Mapping: Operationalising GDPR and Privacy by Design


Given the new requirements of the GDPR, companies and organisations doing business globally need to think hard about how to best implement efficient and effective data handling practices that are replicable and consistent. As a privacy professional responsible for overseeing these operations, what questions will you ask, what tools will you use, and how do you determine what privacy impacts your new products and services will have?

Join us for this practical discussion to hear about what PIAs and data mapping are, a step-by-step guide about how to do them, and discover tips and tools that will help you get the job done more efficiently.
Key Takeaways:
• A step-by-step guide about how to perform a data map and PIA
• How to best implement efficient and effective data handling practices in the face of the new GDPR requirements
• Practical tips for privacy professionals that can be immediately implemented in your organisation

Chair’s Summary


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13.30 - 16.30 Countdown to Implementation: A Step-by-Step Approach to ensuring your GDPR Readiness

You have one year left. Whether implementation for your organisation is now a matter of updating your existing policies or if it’s starting from scratch, everyone in the privacy community has some work to do.

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13.30 - 16.30 Crisis Management: Creating a Plan for Effective Communication in the Event of a Breach

Over the past five years, data breaches have become commonplace. Their impact to an organisation’s reputation can be long-lasting and the financial implications can be severe. Having a quick, transparent and clear response in the event of a data breach is vital to your organisation’s success.

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End of Conference